With a photographic installation of Philip Johnson’s The Glass House by photographer Petra Mason, the Theory Icon Project saluted architect Phillip Johnson and arguably his most iconic work – The Glass House built in 1949.

Over the course of 50 years Johnson and his life partner David Whitney’s 47-acre site in New Canaan, Connecticut became a canvas for innovation in the fields of architecture, art and landscape design. In each decade of this “50 year diary” new structures were built, artwork acquired, and the surrounding landscape sculptured to showcase the ideas and thoughts that were central to the modernist salon the glass house and property came to represent. As a private home, seen only by a privileged few, Johnson bequeathed the glass house to the national trust. In 2007, the site opened to the public and has been captured in a photographic memoir, published by Assouline (isbn: 978 2 75940 1673).

Photographs by Petra Mason