David Ellis


The Theory Icon Project commissioned visionary artist David Ellis for Flyway, a project that brought the dialogue of art into the retail and public space, resulting in a study of the relationship between “art” and process.

David Ellis is a visionary artist who explores the nexus of art, music, and Movement. His “motion paintings” are works recorded in stop-frame animation and assembled into video sequence. The fast-forward compilation of evolving imagery becomes as much a work of art as the painted canvas.

For the Theory Icon Project, Ellis began with a weeklong painting performance in the theory Gansevoort store from March 27th to April 4th 2008. In the hangar-inspired structure he built for the occasion, Ellis painted from morning until night. A digital camera installed overhead captured bird’s-eye-view images of the artist at work. The digital stills were then compiled as video sequences, and scored by composer Roberto Carlos Lange, who was on site for the entire week of the performance. The first screening was paired with a percussive battle, re-inventing the work live.

The “motion painting” entitled Baker’s, was installed on the Theory Icon Wall as a diptych image-finished canvas and motion painting in conversation with one another. Both performance and installation were free and open to the public.