Is there such a thing as the perfect fit?

The “perfect fit” is about the perfect fit for each style and fabric. Even if we offer the same pant in different fabrics, I will fit each one in each unique fabric. This attention to detail assures the most perfect fit for the season. We are constantly looking at the proportion and details as well—the length of the fly, whether or not a waistband should have a structured or unstructured construction, the width of the leg opening. This assures the most modern fit and assures that we remain relevant to what is going on in fashion. So yes, there is a perfect fit. However, it keeps evolving.

Who do you have in mind when designing then?

We design for the Theory woman. She is modern, fashion relevant, super conscious of quality and fit. She keeps herself in shape and looking good. She is confident about how she looks and feels in the clothes. This is the body we design for.

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