My #TheoryUniform

By definition, a uniform is unchanging in form or character. At its core, uniform dressing is a marker of identity. It denotes a true, unwavering understanding of oneself. With this comes a quiet confidence—the ability to see a specific item or silhouette and think, "That's so me." A uniform shaped by one's personal style cuts through the noise each time you go to your closet because you know what works and what doesn’t.

Here, five individuals who understand that ethos share their uniforms and the Theory styles that streamline the process of getting dressed.

My Uniform: Tailored Outerwear

“I'm always dressed in tonal colors, with a lot of tailored silhouettes. I like sticking to one or two key pieces, like a shift dress, or a hero skirt, and figuring out ways to dress it up or down.”

My Uniform: The Cool Guy Jacket

“My uniform is loosely inspired by the classic “casting outfit” I grew up on while modeling—a fitted t-shirt, baggy pants, cool jacket, and combat boots. The right accessories—shades, chains, and rings—make it my own.”

My Uniform: The Power Blazer

“My go-to almost always includes a blazer. I don't like to wear the same thing every day, but I do like to have constant through-lines—a blazer, trousers, button downs—I love menswear-inspired dressing, so there's always a masculine element to my style, even when I'm wearing something more girly.”

My Uniform: Swaggy Suiting

“Whether I’m walking into the tunnel or off for the day, comfort is key. I gravitate toward versatile pieces that can easily take me from daytime to date night, an event, or whatever the evening may bring.”

My Uniform: Wide-Leg Pants

“Uniform dressing is my fail safe. When I’m in a rush or very busy, I can always turn to this formula: a classic tee, neutral knit, striped shirt, and a wide-leg pant. It feels quintessentially me without even trying.”

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