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2018 Horoscope
Geminis, be prepared to dig deep. Libras, be mindful of domestic drama. Here, expert astrologer Kevin Melville Jennings gives us the scoop on what to expect in the new year.


September 23-October 22

Libra, you have an innate sense of balance, but this year you may find that keeping your equilibrium is a challenge.

You could discover that your domestic world requires more time and attention, and this could feel in direct conflict with your professional life.

But this is precisely the challenge. You are capable of handling both, though sometimes your self-confidence is strained. It’s important not to judge your circumstances by overly perfectionistic ideals or your sense of harmony, because perfection and harmony may be in short supply. Understand this as a period of testing, learning, and growing.

You are building your life upon a new foundation, and it’s important that this be a solid base that supports you for years to come. You are being given the opportunity to put down deep roots that will in time lead to a magnificent flowering.

Your goal: Understand you’re being challenged to create a solid foundation for greater self-definition.

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December 22- January 19

Capricorn, your stars align in 2018 for one of the most significant years in a long time for professional advancement. This will be accompanied by a newfound sense of self. You feel compelled to let go of outmoded behaviors and to re-define yourself.

Your professional ambitions are strong, and opportunities abound. Others in key positions provide important opportunities.

You may contemplate making great changes in your domestic life now, with the sudden desire to renovate or to move to a new home, which will express your new sense of self and your self-image.

Relationships will also play a very important role in your life, with a strong need to be deeply connected to your partner, sexually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Try to balance all the outer world work with periods of quiet inner reflection.

Your goal: To redefine yourself in the world, seize professional opportunities, and allow yourself to love and be loved.

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April 20-May 20

Taurus, be happy that you’re getting what you wished for. You desired change and now change is occurring. New opportunities present themselves, and sometimes it feels like they drop into your lap from out of the blue. You are on an accelerated course of rapid fire self-improvement and great growth.

Though normally you are attached to security, that is not the case just now. You know that your greater security rests in being true to yourself and to your desires and your willingness to take risks to accomplish your dreams.

Romantic relationships have the potential to be very fulfilling, but even in your love life you are unwilling to acquiesce or sacrifice your independence for another. Your partner must be willing to understand and support this, and you need to feel that together you expand your horizons, as well as deepening intimacy and mutual fulfillment.

Your goal: Recognize your deepest needs, acknowledge your dreams, and grow.

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August 23-September 22

Virgo, this is a dynamic, positive year for you. Many of your endeavors will come to fruition and this will help to solidify your sense of self and validate that you have been on the right path.

Your horizons expand and you feel that the sky is the limit. You have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and attracting admiration and favorable support.

You are concerned with higher truths and bringing these down to earth in a practical manner. It’s as if you have found a way to harness the ideal and bring it into reality.

This applies to your love life as well, where a romance could deepen into a serious relationship. You could be amazed by the intensity of your feelings, and that the relationship somehow manages to calm your inner critical voice, allowing you to hear the deep call of awakening passion.

Your goal: Express your creative passion.

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February 19-March 20

Pisces, the last few years have been challenging, to say the least. This new year brings the potential for great reward, providing the realization that prior struggles and difficulties may now be turning into positive gains and wisdom.

You are in a magical position to manifest your dreams. If you can imagine it, you can manifest it. This, however, will require focus, determination, perseverance, and patience.

Your love life may be in for a shake-up, especially if you have been in a relationship that hasn’t been deeply fulfilling. You desire to explore your erotic potential, and may surprise yourself at the urgency with which you feel compelled to take action.

The power of your imagination and psychic abilities can also express themselves not only in your romantic life, but also in your creative life. This year you make great strides in pursuing your goals and aspirations.

Your goal: Imagine and manifest. Create magic.

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October 23-November 21

This is a bright and lucky year for you, Scorpio. You have the potential to make great strides in your life, opportunities will be abundant, and you can achieve your dreams.

You may discover that a talent or skill that you possess, one that brings you a sense of fulfillment, turns into an exciting new career opportunity. This may be something that you’ve been drawn to for a long time, but now the circumstances and the timing are ready to support your idea. Your time has come.

Your biggest challenge is to believe in yourself and in your gifts. You are in a position to actualize your dreams and to manifest financial support for your work.

You have been redefining your priorities and values, and now you can move forward in accordance with what you hold to be most important to your heart and more genuinely authentic.

Your goal: Seize the day.

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June 21-July 22

Cancer, this year your focus is on relationships. You possess a very strong sense of the direction an important relationship is heading, but at times it’s difficult to articulate your feelings, particularly when it comes to being vulnerable about your deepest needs.

But intimacy is based on honesty, so set the task for yourself to take risks and open your heart, completely. It’s critical not to get lost in too much detail but to strive to keep your eye on an expansive view of your future together.

Practical concerns need to be addressed, and you must both commit to building a strong and enduring partnership. Negotiating the delicate issues between you requires time and patience, and it’s best to see your relationship as a work in progress. Through ironing out practical realities, you make room for the poetry of romance to flourish.

Your goal: Roll up your shirtsleeves and work with your partner on building the relationship.

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January 20-February 18

Aquarius, you are known for being fiercely independent and a true original. These qualities are emphasized now. You will live your life in a way that is ever more unique, creative, and self-expressive.

Though engaged in a period of quiet preparation and study, you begin to glimpse the early vision of a new chapter of your life. When the time is right, you know that you will make your influence felt in the world.

Striving to live a balanced life this year is an imperative. What at first could appear as opposite and opposing energies may ultimately express themselves as complimentary and harmonious. One example: At this time you feel a stronger connection to your home, and you desire to put down deep roots, yet you are also drawn to adventure and exhilarating travel for personal development and professional advancement.

Your goal: Be determined to live the life you were born to live.

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May 21-June 20

Gemini, this year you are concerned with the big picture of your life. After the practical challenges and accomplishments of the last several years, you’re exploring your life’s deeper meaning. You’re examining your values, as well as your life’s purpose.

It’s time for soul searching, digging beneath the appearance of things to discern underlying meanings. You are discovering motives and drives, both within yourself and others.

You seek balance, and want to be certain that you’re not sacrificing your personal life for your career. Work opportunities present themselves, and you will want to take advantage of them, but they need to be in alignment with your sense of higher purpose and support your personal life as well.

You want your efforts to serve not only yourself but also the greater good.

Your goal: Focus on the big picture, and dare to be even more true to yourself and to your heart.

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November 22- December 21

Sagittarius, you’re struggling to find yourself within the demands of a current relationship. Part of you feels like you’ve been sacrificing yourself for the relationship and you’re beginning to wonder if it’s worth it.

Perhaps redirecting some of your time, energy and passion into your own ambitions and dreams will help you to remember that you have a fiercely independent nature that must be respected. It isn’t that you don’t need to be loved; you do. But love for you means equality, mutual support, and independence.

It’s possible that by focusing on your own needs and allowing them to take precedence, you are open to creative possibilities that you had not seen before. This allows you to reconnect to positivity and accomplishment. The relationship might then appear less challenging, as you derive a greater sense of fulfillment through prioritizing your own objectives.

Your goal: Give care and attention to nurturing your needs.

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March 21-April 19

Aries, this year presents professional challenges and you may feel the need to assert yourself to continue moving forward in your career. When a major effort is met with a lack of recognition, or even resistance, it is tempting to believe that others are trying to block your advancement.

Remain mindful that what is really occurring is the need to regenerate and reinvent yourself in a rapidly changing world.

This creates inner tension because you feel the emotional pull toward security and continuity, but your greatest challenge this year is to let go of the past and, like the phoenix, rise from the ashes of the old life into the radiance of the new era.

You are so often action oriented, but time spent in introspection and quiet reflection can yield very positive rewards and, in time, tangible results. You are being called upon to grow.

Your goal: Let go and move forward.

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July 23- August 22

Alright Leo, admit it: For all your accomplishments, you still wonder what you want to do with your life when you grow up. You have so many gifts and abilities, it’s hard at times to know where to focus.

This year hard work and discipline pay off. It is through sustained effort that you discover your true vocation, and set yourself on the path to obtaining lasting happiness. This is true in both your professional and private lives.

By endeavoring to keep your current commitments, even should you determine that you wish to suddenly change direction, Life will support you and bring dazzling new opportunities to you, which have the quality of magic and fate about them.

Destiny is reaching out to you and challenging you to let go of former desires and previous ways of seeing your life, to become more fully yourself and realize your greatest potential.

Your goal: Work diligently and have faith.

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