Theory For Good
Conscious by design.
We believe in being a modern, conscious, and responsible company.

We believe that the fashion industry must think of the future, in order to evolve.

We believe that Theory For Good is the bridge to our future, an outline for our commitments to the people who make our clothes, the people who wear them, and our planet.

How we make our products is as important as what they are made of and their impact on the environment. We are especially proud that in addition to representing the exceptional quality that defines Theory, our newest fabrics are ethically sourced and developed in collaboration with fabric mills at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing. Our goal is for our signature fabrics to reach 100% traceability by 2025.
At Theory, we strive to educate and empower all those who make us who we are. From Be Heard to Girl Up, our leadership initiatives and industry-based partnerships inspire us to act with integrity, nurture our community responsibly, and find innovative ways to live and work better.