Take the guesswork out of gifting—with SmartGift.
How it Works
You Select It
You choose an item from our site and surprise your recipient with a link that reveals the gift online.
They Customize It
They specify the color and size or exchange the item you’ve selected for one of equal value.
We Ship It
We’ll send you a payment link on Theory.com, and then the gift is shipped to the recipient.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is SmartGift?
SmartGift is a digital gifting service we have partnered with to make gifting Theory easier and more personalized.
Why should I use SmartGift?
SmartGift lets you send gifts instantly and easily. If your selection was not quite right, recipients can choose to exchange the gift for an item of equal or lesser value. Once they confirm their selection and provide their preferred shipping information, we send you a checkout link to complete the purchase on Theory.com, and, once paid, we ensure that the item is delivered to the recipient.
How do I send a SmartGift?
When browsing on Theory.com, look for the SmartGift button below the Add to Bag button. You can send to your recipient via text, email, or Facebook.
What will my recipient see?
Your recipient will be able to digitally unwrap the gift on their digital device or computer, view your gift message, accept or exchange your gift, and provide their preferred shipping address.
Will I know if my recipient has accepted my gift?
We will send you an email and text notification when your gift has been accepted and is ready for purchase. If you forget to pay for your gift, we will send you up to three reminders.
How does payment work?
Once your gift has been accepted, we will send you a checkout link to complete the purchase on Theory.com.